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the one from Thanksgiving night

A story from this past Thanksgiving night…

So I’ve been in the hotel business for about a year and have never had to dial 911 because of anything. I recently started at a larger property, a national brand and figured I’d be getting some stranger characters here and there but nothing I couldn’t handle right?

So tonight it’s Thanksgiving and I have this dude walk in trying to get a room. To be fair we only have five rooms left and yeah they’re pricey. So when he first balked at the price which included a slight discount, because what the hell it’s the holidays, I assumed he was doing the usual grousing and offered to call around to the other hotels on my street to see what they had but from my price sheet the next cheapest room was about 139.

This is when things got weird. He pulled out his wallet and 1-didn’t have any ID, so I couldn’t rent to him to begin with. 2-Only had 77 dollars in cash and 3- didn’t have a credit card. He didn’t look particularly homeless but when he started yelling at me about how my chain doesn’t know how to run a business and insisting I call my manager at 10 at night I started to feel fear. I called my manager and left a message and the guy kept yelling at me asking me what my job title was and telling me how I was going to get fired for refusing him service and I assured him if he could at least produce a credit card or a debit card he could speak to my manager in the morning about the rest of it but I absolutely can not check guests in without a credit card or ID.

This is when he started leaning across the counter and telling me I worked for Satan himself and that I was going to hell for working here while he would go to heaven for dealing with our persecution of the poor. That we are money changers and this isn’t how the holidays work.

I already had asked him to leave when another guest came down to get blankets and he started screaming at my guest and I just flat out slapped the counter in front of him and said “Sir, can disrespect me and my employer all you want but you are not hassling my guests. You need to leave now.”

At this point I had the phone in my hand and was dialing 911 and he came at me across the counter again and “Fuck you, satan’s bride, witch from hell, you’ll burn for this.”

I said again “Sir I need you to leave NOW”

The 911 operator was on the phone by this time and heard some of the exchange. My property is fairly close to the police station and the officers were here before I hung up the phone. Crazy man stood in the parking lot screaming at them for about 30 minutes before they offered him the option of walking his happy ass to another part of town or they’d be giving him free room and board for the night because he was now trespassing.

I guess he fucked off and went somewhere else and the cops told me if he comes back to call them and they’ll haul him off.

Funny thing is I wasn’t that upset until he started screaming at my guests. I mean that’s gotta effect travelocity ratings right?


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