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The ghost in my hotel

So about a week after I started working where I work now another co-worker asked me if I knew about the ghost on our property. Now I had detected some very strange things in the building from time to time, but we have a ghost? How cool is that?

(Actually probably not that cool for the ghost guest but we try to keep her as comfortable as possible.)

A pretty high profile crime was committed in our building before the current owners took over. It was called something different 20 years ago and there was a murder on the property. So every so often something really weird happens on our top floor. In that room or near by. The room numbers have all been changed so if you look up the story of how we got our ghost you wouldn’t know which room is the Ghost Room but I do.

For the most part I try not to put people in the ghost room, specifically women traveling alone because they always want to change rooms before the night is over. About once a week if a guest gets put in that room they come down and ask to be put as close to the front desk as possible, even begging for the dreaded elevator room. No one who’s asked to move has specifically said “There’s a fucking ghost up there” but one lady from an Eastern European country said “The eyes, they stare at me.” I about fell over because I’ve never had any one give me a complaint that couldn’t be explained away by Earth Logic. I don’t know who the eyes are, but they were staring at this lady so I moved her room.

Common complaints about the Ghost room are random moisture no where near a source of water,  noises coming from above which is impossible since it’s the top floor of the building, small petty things vanishing, like one night I had an older couple call me from their cell phones to tell me the phone cord from the room phone was gone. It was definitely gone and they had used the phone like two hours before to ask me to get them a cab. We also get noise complaints about that room when no one is in it.

The strangest thing though is when the ghost calls 911. Every month or so something goes nuts with the phones and the phone that was part of the property when we got the ghost will call 911. Around the same time as the crime was committed. It’s creepy but I don’t mind.

The Ghost also likes to lock my coworkers in empty rooms and play in the elevators. Especially the one in the back hallway.

Having a ghost room is great though when someone is being rude at check in. Our “employee” ghost can keep them company for the night. She doesn’t mind.


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