Some hotel terminology

Many corporate hotels have rewards programs for people who stay at that brand often. These things are awesome, you can do all kinds of cool stuff with your points and I get all kinds of bonuses when  you sign up for the program.

There is a problem though with some club members coming expect the impossible from a hotel just because they are whatever level club member. We call these people Special Snowflakes. When we have a guest who absolutely needs nothing at all but a place to sleep we call them Unicorns.

Unicorns are the best, the people who check in, are thankful and don’t cause problems for other guests and the desk staff.

Don’t get me wrong, we live to serve, seriously, as long as your not rude. We love giving out upgrades or directions or suggestions for places you can eat or drink or sights to see. I love drawing maps. I even love making you oatmeal at 10pm as long as you’re nice when you ask.


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