No rest for the wicked FDA

I get so wound up at work that I can’t sleep. People can drive me crazy. Last night it was the guy who thought his air conditioner was too loud and the huge family taking over 3 rooms and their kids running and screaming through the halls.

I pause here because they were guests from another country and my lack of knowledge of Asian languages is becoming a problem. Asking the family to calm down became a game of charades. The dads were getting wasted in my breakfast room and so I had to talk to the moms in all three rooms. Their kids safety is my main concern and the numerous noise complaints from other guests (even some regulars.)

I got yelled at by one of the moms for asking them to quiet down but they did quiet down. The dads finished their whiskey and asked me where to go buy beer. Then got mad that I couldn’t leave the hotel to buy beer for them.

But… I had a guest who was staying with us as a part of disaster displacement and he brought his therapy dog and the dog was rad and figured out I was stressed out. So I got puppy cuddles and bought the gentleman a pizza, I didn’t tell him I paid for it when the delivery driver came in asking for plates. We called back to her shop together and I gave them my card for the order and tipped really well.

It’s just hard to unwind after a day like that.


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