just another night on the desk

A story from my personal journal that happened about a month ago…


Last night I literally got cursed out in several languages and should have bounced the guest who thought I couldn’t speak his language (French, I took a gang load of French in school, sorry) and called me a cow and also told his mortified son that I was an embarrassment to my mother because the computers were slow.  But I answered him back En Francias and gave him cookies instead.

Tonight one of my Korean families cursed out the lady on desk before me. Twice. He got pissed he had to wait in line on a busy night with like 400 Expedia weirdo reservations that didn’t make sense and my coworker was alone. He said “my wait was fucking ridiculous and this is the worst hotel I’ve ever stayed at” when she asked for his phone number to complete the reservation. We ask for your phone numbers in order to contact you if something happens to your vehicle or room while you’re not on property. We literally do not want to just randomly call you.

Moving along when she asked to verify his ID he told her “this is fucking ridiculous.” We ask for your ID’s to make sure some dick isn’t using your credit card without your knowledge.

She held it together really well but I knew she was pissed when she left. Our computers have also been slow and the weather is shit.

This guest and his family have been treating my lobby and breakfast area like it’s their living room all night. My entire lobby smells like cup of noodles and their all be it adorable son keeps running through and screaming and sending my elevators to fucking Texas or something. But I’m trying to sell rooms and make budget this month by any means I have. So I’m not booting them. I had to take the automated Christmas decorations off the desk because this kid won’t leave them alone and I had to turn off the fire place because he tried to get in it.

I just have this weird urge to use the ice machine next to their room at 1030p tonight… Just sayin…. your attitude earns you the “fuck you” room.


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