I am not always the worst person on Earth

From my personal journal about a month ago…

Last night we were full. And I had to give one of our Snowflakes a room by the elevator. I was working the late shift.

They took the room but came out and immediately in the nicest way came out to complain. I understood they had asked for a quieter room and whomever took their reservation hadn’t put it in their reservation (or their snowflake membership for that matter) either.

No matter, they were really nice and I doled out the ear plugs, sleep masks and 10000 extra points. They did say they were going to still ask for a discount in the morning BUT a funny thing happened on my way to stick my head in the Otis Spunkmeyer cookie oven.

The phone rang. And another Snowflake was cancelling out their reservation for what is quite possibly the coolest room in our property. Also THE most expensive room we have. It was 8:30. The Snowflakes in the elevator room from hell had just stepped out the door to go to dinner.

When they returned at 10:30, I asked them how much they’d unpacked and they said “nothing at all.” So I asked them if they’d like an upgrade without explaining what kind of room I was moving them to. They said sure. I said that I was going to make the keys and show it to them personally just to make sure it was where they wanted to move to.

So I took them to our suite that is basically it’s own apartment. There was no way we were going to sell it for what it was going for at that hour and really there is no reason to let this room sit vacant not making money AND have a guest ask for money back in the morning because they’re in a shitty room. They’d been cool through all of this elevator mess and so they won the room lottery.

They were beyond thrilled and the woman actually squealed and asked what this room costs during a non holiday weekend so she could book it when they come back with their kids, they had no idea this room existed and it would be perfect for when the whole family traveled together.

I can be a nice FDA sometimes…


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